Multiple Intelligence


In the eighties, Harvard University psychologist, Howard Gardner had a pluralistic view of the mind, and recognized the many discrete facets of cognition. Gardner defines intelligences as the ability to solve problems or to fashion products that are valued in one or more cultural settings.

In Suncity we have tried to create a world of Multiple Intelligences.

In his theory of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner has identified eight Intelligences:

  • Linguistic Intelligence (”Word Smart”)
  • Logical -Mathematical Intelligence (”Number/Reasoning Smart”)
  • Spatial Intelligence (”Picture Smart”)
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (”Body Smart”)
  • Musical Intelligence (”Music Smart”)
  • Interpersonal Intelligence (”People Smart)
  • Interpersonal Intelligence (”Self Smart”)
  • Natural Intelligence (”Nature Smart”)

It is our endeavor to place equal stress on individuals and their different gifts of intelligences for developing a ‘holistic personality’. We have tried to incorporate all the eight intelligences in different laboratories and have tried to provide eight different potential pathways to learning. THE LOGICAL LAB, THE INNOVATIVE/ART & CRAFT LABS, THE LINGUISTIC LAB, LYRICAL/GAYAN AND NRITYA LABS/ KINESTHETIC and THE SPA BLOCK. These cover the mathematical and logical intelligences, spatial intelligence, verbal-linguistic intelligence, musical intelligence and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence respectively.

The rest of the intelligences are covered in the unique, first of its kind in the world “MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE LEARNING CENTRE”.

By exposing children to various ways of learning, by sensitizing them to the world around and the world beyond the classroom, we teach them to apply learning through real life situations and thus help them to explore their own style of learning and a world of discovering and creating.