Teaching Learning Methodology


Ask to Ask – U

Albert Einstein has rightly said- It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.

Taking a cue from the words of Einstein, an acronym ‘ASK’ has been formulated revolving around ‘curiosity’ which is the main source of sustenance to glean knowledge for any human being in ‘Suncity’. Many a discovery has been made because of a curious mind but curiosity without the focus and the knowledge and skill is like a rudderless ship.

Curiosity is instinctive but it requires a base of interest to enable learning and that is where a teacher’s role starts – to incite interest, to enable the child to reflect and then become curious enough to explore, investigate and learn; thus motivating them to ASK. Learning in Suncity is thus defined as ‘ASK’ to ‘ASK-U’.

The acronym ASK represents the main aspects of learning


(Understanding emerges after Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation leading to the highest order thinking CREATIVITY).

To encapsulate learning at Suncity School we sum up thus:

  • Learning is embodied and concerned with the human experiences: A
  • Learning is interactive and social : S
  • Learning is an integrated cognitive process: K