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MI-Me 2017 Report

Howard Gardner famously said, “It’s not how smart you are, it is how you are smart!”

AtSuncity School Gurgaon, we believe in giving students opportunities to explore their potential and in the process learn about their own skills and intelligences.

Our annual event, ‘Multiple Intelligences and me’held this year on Friday, 24th November, 2017,focused on the Multiple Intelligences that each child is capable of. This was the 7th year of the event.

The event was designed keeping in sync with Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. The widely recognised intelligences like interpersonal, intrapersonal, spatial and naturalistic intelligence besides logical, linguistic, kinesthetic and musical intelligence are found in all human beings and it becomes vital to focus on all the intelligences for developing a holistic personality.

This event provided a platform to help hone the skills of all eight intelligences and elicit the best from within the child to mold an ‘ABLE and NOBLE’ being. It had an array of specially designed activities, based on the eight intelligences, that each studentparticipated in, to emerge the ‘MI-me’ champion.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mrs. Aditi Mishra, Director GPSC schools and Principalof DPS Sector 45.Ms Aditi Mishra felt that it was an innovative event and the only interschool competition where a child could showcase all of his/ her intelligences.

Indeed in this race of the extraordinary, students from eleven schools, students across different ages and abilities, formats and challenges, competed against each other to take a running shot at success in the individual and group championships. Finally, it was Delhi Public School, Sector 45, who wonthe Ace School Trophy. The judge for the event from various walks of life, shared their experiences, which may be summed up as follows: ‘We have learnt a lot today!’

The Head Girl gave the Vote of Thanks.

DPS Sector 45 won the  AceMI-me Championship Trophy