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Socius Mathema ��� Report on Social Science and Mathematics Week 2017

The common perception suggests Mathematics and Social Science represent twoends of a binary opposition. In fact the two disciplines share quite a lotin common like problem solving, critical thinking, identifying patterns,systemic logic, and linear thinking. Mathematics enriches human existence

Just as the social sciences do.

Suncity School celebrated Social Science and Maths Week during 13th -18Th November 2017.  Though the city was engulfed with Smog on Monday and Tuesday, however it did not deter the spirits of teachers and students to celebrate the week. During the week, Grades VI -X learned the Four Color Theorem using relevant Maps. It helped them to develop understanding that not more than four colors are required to color the regions of map so that no two adjacent regions have same color. The students appreciated the interdependence of Mathematics and Social Science through Quiz- QUEST. They gained knowledge about History of Numbers using Timeline and geographical locations.

The special assembly was graced by special guest Ms. Nancy Bhasin, entrepreneur who talked about ‘Digital marketing’. The children gained an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing. The week was concluded with an outing where students went to watch the movie - ‘GEOSTORM’.