Suncity International Academia

Open Learning Space

The Suncity School building is divided into pores with a quadrangle or courtyard in the middle. These courtyards form the open learning areas.

Pore 1 has an open learning area, which is meant for the EYP-Elementary Years Programme students. It has an amphitheatre and a very interesting concept of the MI (Multiple Intelligences) stations. The learning stations are strategically placed within the amphitheatre.

They are mainly related to logical / reasoning, bodily kinesthetic intelligences which help the Transversal learning process.

Pore 2 has a checkered stone courtyard meant for the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Social Sciences. The Mathematics Matrix lab and the Social Science Lab (Naturalistic) use the middle open learning area for their respective concepts. The checkered area helps to represent a graph, thus aiding in activities related to Mathematics and Geography. Other mathematical topics such as Mensuration, Probability, Ratio-Proportion etc. can also be taught through the open learning area in pore 2.

Pore 3 is an open learning area related to Science; Botany to be more precise. It has various plants in the area, which have leaves of different kinds. The students study the shape and texture of leaves and learn to categorize and classify plants according to structure and growing conditions.

Adjacent to Pore 2 are three large aquariums, which comprise artificial coral reefs, marine plants and aquatic creatures to expose the children to aspects of oceanography.

Open Learning Space