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QCC - Quality Control Circles

QCC at Suncity focuses on improving the students’ problem solving skills and persuades them to adopt QUALITY as an integral part of their lives. QCC empowers students to develop analytical skills, foster team work and to channelize their creative potentials to meet the demands of the new millennium by using statistical tools such as - Gantt chart, histogram etc. for problem solving. Students engaged in QCC are guided to do case studies on different problems identified at the school level, through different QC TOOLS such as Ishikawa’s Fish Bone diagram, PDCA Cycle, Tree diagram, to name a few.

We are proud to mention that our QCC Team, ‘SadaivaAgrani’ has made us proud by winning laurels at different national and International Competitions.

Sri Lanka

Venue – Sabargamua Province, Sri Lanka

Dates – 13th – 20th May, 2017

Organized by: Sabargamuwa Provincial Council in collaboration with Ministry of Education, Information Technology & Cultural Affairs and Department of Education.

Theme: ‘Students’ Quality Circles as an Integral part of Total Quality management in Education.’

Participating Countries – India, Nepal, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Pakistan, USA, Turkey, South Africa

The convention program consisted of the following events:
  • Case study presentation
  • Collage Competition
  • Debate Competition
  • Poster/Slogan Competition
  • Quality Quiz Competition
  • Skit Presentation
Suncity bagged the following awards -
  • JURAN AWARD for Case Study
  • 2nd Prize for Poster & Slogan
  • Best Actress Award in Skit – VanshikaSethi
  • Special Commendation Trophy for Debate
  • Commendable Trophy for Collage Competition


A fifteen member, Suncity School student delegation visited Mauritius for the 19th International Convention on Students Quality Circles, between July 17 & 23, 2016. The students had prepared tirelessly for several months under the guidance of the school faculty in a broad spectrum of events - the Public Speaking Contest, Debate Competition, Poster and Slogan Making Competition, Cultural Programme and KaviSammelan. They also worked with their mentor, Ms. Namita Chatterjee, for the Case Study Presentation-Junior and Senior. They won accolades by bagging top laurels. Their achievements were all the more commendable as they were competing against several schools from India, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Case Study Presentation

The Junior Group won the First Position.

The Senior Group bagged the Second Position.

Public Speaking Contest

Ranvijay Singh bagged the First Position.

Debate Competition

The duo won the First Position and Manikaran Khurana bagged the Best Speaker Award too.

SN Name

Kavi Sammelan – Poetry Competition (Hindi)

The team won the Second Position with Arnauv Gilhotra adjudged the Best Speaker.

The participating Suncitizens added another feather to their collective cap by claiming the Overall Best School Trophy!

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