Suncity International Academia

Divergent Thinking

Time is tomorrow’s sand. Before we reach it, it is gone.

What we can do is sow the seed of thought in a striving mind today. Suncity is a young school of today but a thinking school of the future, where the ideal runs from implied to applied, hence, this year’s divergent-futuristic theme.

Divergence has the power to turn thinking. Divergence enables in each one of us our responsibility towards success and to create the same in the lives of those in our care.

Divergence does not only relate to the future but to all time and everything. In fact, divergence reduces the future from a vast, unending expanse of time into something manageable today.

Divergence encapsulates the idea of living to grow and vice versa. Divergence is not something vague but if one grasps the idea, it makes one an exact creature of vision, belief and creativity. Suncity School in 2017 will explore these ideas from the Subject Weeks through Saturnalia – a cultural festival to celebrate the innate talents of the students.

Divergent Thinking