The formative years leave an indelible impression on the personality of the child and to nurture the unique set of strengths and challenges each child is imbued with – Suncity School strives to provide opportunities through academic and co - curricular pursuits for exemplary development at this crucial stage. Pedagogical methods employed by well - trained teachers are cognizant of the students’ psycho – motor and gross motor skills and activities are designed to inspire and engage these faculties. In addition, art and music aim to develop creative experiences. The Elementary Years Programme revolves around the child’s need to assimilate the known, navigate and absorb the unknown – both leading to a core understanding of concepts. The Initial Years/Elementary Years Programme is centred around the following objectives:
  • To provide Opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills
  • To Inculcate in children social grace and courtesy, enhance general awareness, self - confidence and a sense of responsibility
  • To Develop each one of them holistically through the philosophy of multiple intelligence
  • Enhance skills of Enquiry, exploration, logical thinking, reading and writing
  • To Provide opportunities for self-expression, public speaking and stage performance
  • Experiential approach to learning to consolidate concepts