Fee Structure

Fee Structure C.B.S.E.

Prospectus and Admissions processing fee Rs.1500

One Time Payment:

Admission fee Rs.100000/- Development fee Rs.70000/- *Security deposit Rs.70000/- (Notice period of 3 months required for refund)

Quarterly Payment:

Monthly Composite Fees
Pre nursery to KindergartenRs. 18600/- per month
Grades I & IIRs. 16300/- per month
Grades III to IVRs. 17300/- per month
Grade VRs. 17400/- per month
Grades VI to VIIIRs. 18800/- Per month
Grades IX & XRs. 19600/- per month
Grades XI & XIIRs. 23500/- per month


  • Bus fee according to distance.
  • EVOTAG fee for all bus students grade III & above Rs.390/- per month.
  • Uniform, Books and Stationery not included in the fees.
  • Examination fee payable to CBSE as applicable from time to time.
  • Child Welfare Fund Rs.20/- per annum.