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Report- Adventure Camp at Suncity School (2018-19)

Report -Adventure Camp at Suncity School (2018-19)

A befitting conclusion to the action-packed academic schedule of the ‘Year of Roots’ year was the adventure camp held on 18th and 19th March 2019, in the sprawling lawns of Suncity School, surrounded by the picturesque Aravallis.

The Adventure Camp marks the first programme of the spring season that aims to set up teambuilding activities to encourage groups to work together and communicate. Thrilling and exhilarating entertainment, the sensory experience of being in the lap  of nature; learning to relate with the team activities; enhancing of life skills and being able to understand the interdependence of man with nature, were the objectives of the camp.

The entire school was geared up to the hilt, to enjoy the fun and excitement after the hectic schedule of the final exams.

The campus was buzzing whole day as campers got busy in hiking the nature trails, scaling the rock walls and climbing the high ropes elements Rappelling, Bungee jumping, Commando Net, Burma Bridge gave them an instant adrenaline rush and were considered as favored activities by the team. They were enthralled with activities like Bungee Jumping, Rappelling, Commando net, Burma Bridge, Commando Crawl Hop Scotch, Tarzan swing, Zorbing and Roller. It was thrilling to see the children daring to soak in the adventure spirit and soar their spirits higher. Students across Grades I to V joined in the activities.

The thrilling and exhilarating entertainment however continued for the night camp that was organized for students from Grades VI to XII. The school lawns were dotted with colorful tents and sleeping bags that were set up by the students, who thoroughly enjoyed the sense of independence and interdependence in being a part of a group. As the night drew the gentle curtains over the evening, the participants actively prepared the bonfire, learning the precautions at the same time of making the fire pit with a container so as not to spoil the grass. Dining under the stars amidst lively chatter-banter, songs and games, all added zing and spice to the sumptuous outdoor feast. There were loud peals of laughter and friendly jibes as the students shared interesting anecdotes and experiences.

Participants’ Comments                                   

  • "I'll never forget how exhilarating it was to stay in open ,amidst nature’
  • I used to think 'I can't do things,' but I realized that if I try, I can."
  • "It was so refreshing!! I feel so much relaxed."

It was a great learning and memorable experience for all who attended the camp and there was some sentimental nostalgia in parting after all the fun-filled excitement.

Our experience at Camp was an extremely positive one. We look forward to returning in 2020!

Report- Adventure Camp at Suncity School (2018-19)
Report- Adventure Camp at Suncity School (2018-19)
Report- Adventure Camp at Suncity School (2018-19)