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The Performing arts is an integral part of the curriculum at Suncity. The courses broadly provide an introduction to the study of music, dance and development of oratorical skills. The music curriculum encompasses a range of genres from Hindustani classical to Western Renaissance music to symphonies as well as folk music. In the middle school children learn to read notations/ musical scores. The students learn instrumental and vocal music with specific focus on the musical intelligence, which stresses mainly on developing an ear for music and exploring tone, rhythm and lyrics too. Suncity focuses on the performance aspect of each dance and it undertakes specialized training in Indian and Western genres. In the Indian context, the teaching experts help the children excel in Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Folk and contemporary dance forms whereas the international styles taught are, Ball Room dancing, Hip Hop, Salsa and other classical and contemporary forms. Oratorical skills and performance prowess are enhanced in every child through regular exposure during the annual fiesta and other functions providing a range of cultural experiences and opportunities each year. Collaborative opportunities for participation in all performing arts are provided through interdisciplinary learning such as mathematics with music.