Our School


Security Features

The school management prioritizes the safety and security of the students within the campus as well as in the school buses and it is of prime importance at all times. The whole school is under the surveillance of 300+ CCTV cameras, strategically placed in classrooms, corridors, staffrooms, auditorium, library and all other areas visited by the students.The school campus is secured with a boundary wall of adequate height and four gates in different directions, which are manned by trained security guards round the clock besides being under CCTV surveillance. Thorough scrutiny of the antecedents, police verification and psychological evaluation of the supporting staff is carried out at the time of recruitment and at designated intervals. Thereafter a multi pronged training is given to all to enable them to contribute during emergencies The staff undergo refresher trainings at regular intervals to ensure professional competence. All measures are taken to ensure continuity of staff. Well maintained air-conditioned school buses, fitted with speed governors, GPS system and CCTV cameras are available for the transportation of students. Instructions given in the Surakshit School Vahan Policy of the Government of Haryana are strictly complied with. The Evotag system monitors the location of students in the school campus for their complete safety and security, which can be seen by parents on their smart phones after downloading the desired APP. Suncity School is the first school to provide this security facility to its students.