Our School



The refectory, used for communal meals, is at the heart of Suncity School – where students and staff connect with each other outside the classroom in an atmosphere of bonhomie. Equipped with an open kitchen, the daily food is cooked adhering to the most stringent parameters of hygiene and cleanliness. The food served from four bain-marie counters, segregated thoughtfully according to classes, is planned by a nutritionist, which ensures a balanced diet. A main station is dedicated to the preparation of specialized meals to cater to all. The Elementary Years Programme (EYP) students are served by the nannies and waiters on tables laid out properly with tablemats, crockery and cutlery. Grace is said before commencement of the meal and the students are accompanied by their home - room tutors who gently facilitate them in the usage of cutlery and mentor them about good eating habits, table manners and zero wastage of food. The students are encouraged to eat independently and, also, learn to put away used crockery and cutlery on steel trolleys placed at one end of the refectory. Students of grades 1 and above need to carry coupons to school to avail the food served in the refectory. Self - service is mandatory, however all students are entitled to ask for extra helpings.